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My previous set#14 (which had stamps supplied by the American Philatelic Society) has now been exhausted, and below I am now supplying set#17 below.  Stamps from set#17 are excess free stamps from our Stamp Club (Mid-Cities Stamp Club of the greater Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas area), and as such I am renaming the set.

---->  April 30, 2022 UPDATE:  all previous stamps sets #1 - #15 are now gone!

There is now a new set #17 of free stamps:  a random selection of 100 - 150 Worldwide stamps (a few USA stamps might be included...)!

The stamps that you will receive will be selected at random from the box shown in the picture below; I will simply grab one or two handfuls of stamps from the box and insert them into an envelope.  I will not count stamps or chose particular stamps (please do not ask). Please see instructions below for requesting the free stamps!

Above is an example of what an envelope might contain (note: your selection WILL be different than shown above!)

These stamps are:

  • Mostly Worldwide (& a few USA)
  • Mostly used stamps 
  • Commemorative & Definitive stamps
  • There may be some duplication, and some stamps may have hinge remnants on the back (from having previously been mounted in someone's stamp collection and some possibly have pencil markings (such as a catalog number)
  • Stamps are generally in good condition (and I have already spent many hours removing really badly damaged stamps, but I can not guarantee that all stamps are flawless); you will receive a random selection that I will put into an envelope (either yours or mine) and will be approximately 100 - 150 stamps

Instructions for obtaining a packet of the free Worldwide & USA stamps (set #17):

The key thing to remember is that these stamps are free to everyone, but anyone that can not pick them up in person in the Dallas, Texas area will have to reimburse me for the postage to mail these (sorry, but I'm not going to pay postage for everyone on the planet... my budget doesn't allow for it).  

--> The information below may seem lengthy, but everything you need to know is there, so there's no need to e-mail me with questions!

1) If you reside in the United States:

  • Send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) containing 58¢ of US stamps (60¢ after July 10, 2022!) or a "Forever" stamp to: 
    • Peter Elias
    • attn: Free Worldwide set#17
    • PO Box 940427
    • Plano, TX  75094-0427
--> Be sure to use a commemorative stamp on your envelope to me (hey, I collect stamps too and it would be nice to see some recent commemoratives on my inbound mail!)


2) If you reside outside the United States:

I realize that people outside the USA will have more difficulties to provide a way to pay for return postage (which is $1.30 for basic airmail service up to 28 grams starting August 29, 2021 and $1.40 starting on July 10, 2022), so here are the choices that I deem acceptable:

  • Please send:
  • 1 IRC (International Reply Coupon) which must NOT have expired.  You can go to the following Universal Postal Union (UPU) website to see if your country's post offices are supposed to be selling IRC's: or:
  • Mint USA stamps (with full gum or self-adhesive backing in place) adding up to $1.40 or:
  • 1 (Euro) coin or: 
  • sFr 1.00 (Swiss) coin or: 
  • Send any one of the above to:
    • Peter Elias
    • attn: Free Worldwide set#17
    • PO Box 940427
    • Plano, TX  75094-0427     USA
  •  or alternatively:
  • PayPal ( payment for US $2.00 sent to [email protected] .  The reason I'm asking for $2.00 is that PayPal will charge me fees to receive these funds, resulting in the $1.40 that I need for airmail postage and an envelope to mail you the stamps.  Please note that PayPal may give you a choice in sending funds in various currencies; due to the high conversion rates, I can only accept PayPal payments in US Dollars (if you send funds in other currencies, I will refuse or return the payment).  
  • Be sure to let me know your return address!
  • Only use this PayPal button for non-USA addresses, as the amount is based on foreign mailings (and would overpay for mailings within the USA)
  • For your convenience, if you want to use PayPal, you can also use this button here:  


Important Notes regarding obtaining the free stamps:

  • You must state the set # in the address (example, "free Worldwide stamps set #17"), otherwise I will not know what to send you... 
  • In the off-chance that I am completely out of the set that you are requesting, I will send the next set that I have available. 
  • Please write legibly!  If I can not read your writing, neither can the US Postal Service mail processing equipment! 
  • While the stamps in each set are  not identical; so please do not send in for additional sets of the same number, as I want to make sure that as many people as possible can get these stamps. someone else of getting a set.
  • Each set requires separate postage due to weight.
  • Do NOT send any stamps in trade, I do not want any!
  • These stamps are best suited for youth or beginning collectors; they are a great way to add some nice stamps to your collection.   
  • Do not use or send me previously used or uncancelled US stamps on your stamped return envelopes.  Why? Because it is a federal criminal offense here in the USA to re-use previously used but uncancelled stamps, and since it will appear to the US Postal Service that I have put these stamps on your envelope when mailing it, I could potentially be subject to criminal penalties.  So, if you send me an envelope with previously used or uncancelled stamps on them, your request for free stamps will be ignored.
  • Please use commemorative stamps on your letters to me.  I am a collector as well.  Do not use common or definitive stamps.   Since I am going through a lot of effort to give these away, the least you can do is use a commemorative stamp on your letter to me!
  • Remember that sending cash or banknotes through the mail is at your own risk.  I simply offer this as a convenient alternative to using US stamps or sending an IRC.
  • You can contact me via e-mail if you'd like, but only if there are some extenuating circumstances.  There's no need to reserve these stamps, I will have enough to go around for quite a while.  Once the supply is getting close to be depleted, I will update this this page (or delete it if I am totally out of stamps).
  • Please keep in mind that some foreign mail can take quite a while to reach me.  Recently it took 3 weeks for an envelope mailed from Singapore to reach me!  Therefore it could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks for you to receive your stamps from the date that you originally mailed your request.  A letter to Peru from here took 12 weeks recently!
  • Only one request for each set per person or household.
  • I am not responsible for items lost / stolen in the mails; this does happen unfortunately from time to time.  The stamps are sent via regular 1st class or airmail the day after I receive your request. 
  • --> Requests without payment of return postage (either as SASE, IRC, PayPal, stamps or cash) will NOT be honored !   Unfortunately I can not afford the postage to mail free stamps to hundreds of people around the world.   As a note: since I started doing this over 12+ years ago, the postage costs for mailing the over 1,000 packets that I have mailed in that time would have cost me over US $1,000 ! ... and unfortunately, I don't have that kind of money to spend on postage for giving away stamps to people all over the world.


How I made the previous packets of stamps (not the current set#17):

Here I am around midnight (over 12 years ago!), preparing a set of 100 packets of stamps into sets that each contain about 55 to 60 Australian commemoratives!   That works out to over 5,500 repetitive wrist motions in creating the piles, not to mention putting them into glassine envelopes.  It took me about 3+ hours to do the 100 packets.  If you were to look at this from a business perspective, each packet represents at least $2 of labor!   So:  My free labor = your free stamps.... 

As a side note, somebody had to soak all of these stamps off the original envelopes to begin with!  Since my box contained well over 40,000 stamps, and the APS mentioned to me around 2008 (or 2009) that they had given away over 25 such boxes containing Australian, German, British and other stamps, this means that "somebody" out there got to soak off well over 1 million stamps!  Mind-boggling!  It takes me a couple of hours to soak off just a couple of hundred stamps...

(Here's a view of the packets of 55 stamps from a set that I gave away in the year 2008)

March 23, 2008 - Here's set#2 of 55 different Australian stamps from an earlier set, awaiting collectors, it was a bit easier to make these 100 sets since I made a box to sort them faster..  In total, I have now given away over 1,000 sets of Australian stamps!   This is over 55,000 individual stamps!  The recent Great Britain Machin sets are now gone and for the current set I'm doing general worldwide (although mostly Canada, Australia & New Zealand).

Bottom line:  if you look at the photos above, you can see that it is a LOT of effort to put packets together!  As a result, after 12+ years and OVER  1,000 packets (= over 65,000+ stamps) mailed out to people in the USA and around the world,  and therefore I have decided to simply grab one or two handfuls from the large box shown on the top of this page, as this is quicker and easier for me!


--> I do also have a new website for another free stamp set, #16 that is at

I am not interested in any sort of trading, since my own collecting & exhibiting specialties are outside of what the average collector has to offer... To get an idea of what I collect and exhibit, please feel free to browse around the rest of this website and the links to the other philatelic websites that I run; this should give you a good idea of what I am interested in...

MORE FREE STAMPS (other sources):

The International Society of Worldwide Stamp Collectors also has free stamps to give away to youth collectors.  It does require sending return postage or an SASE.  More details at:

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