St. Vincent Stamps


Examples of St. Vincent Philately

Some of the interesting St. Vincent philatelic items that you can collect:

Postmarks (St. Vincent has over 50 post offices!)

Postmarks from "Barrouallie" and "Georgetown" from the late 1800's are shown above.  For a complete list of post offices (both past and present) on St. Vincent & the Grenadines, see

Postal History

A nice "postage due" cover!

Censor covers (from World War II)

A censored "QSL card" (used by amateur radio [ham] operators) to confirm reception of broadcast signals

Official covers & mail

A 1945 OHMS cover with a "Senior Medical Officer" marking

Fakes & Forgeries

Fake "Lundy Island" stamps that use a design from St. Vincent's "Half Penny" stamps from 1883 and 1885

Fake "Phoenix Island" stamp that uses a 1913 St. Vincent design

From left to right:

  1. Early forgery of the 6 pence stamp, lithographed
  2. Early forgery of the 4 pence yellow, note the blatantly wrong "10" postmark (it should be "A10)
  3. Typical forgery from the Spiro Brothers (1880's) of the 1 shilling stamp (lithographed instead of engraved, note the "dots" cancel)
  4. Dangerous engraved forgery by Panelli (1927) of the 4 pence yellow stamp

More St. Vincent fakes & forgeries information can be found at: and

at Bill Claghorn's website at

Registration Labels

Registration label from "Diamond Village"  that uses a label from "Park Hill"

Postal Stationery (such as Aerogrammes, Envelopes & Cards)

Postal stationery card from 1882.   Mint postal cards are very easy to find, however, postally used ones command a premium in price

Only a few postal stationery envelopes were issued; they are seldom seen.   Most often they are found mint or with a SPECIMEN overprint

Registration envelope with a SPECIMEN overprint

NOTE:  Aerogrammes are also available starting in the 1950's

Revenue Stamps

Early 5 shilling REVENUE stamp (overprinted on a regular postage stamp) from the 1880's.  Values above 5 shillings, such as the £1 (shown on the right above) through the £50 values are extremely rare and difficult to find.

Revenue Stamps on Document

Revenue (1880 - 1900) or postage (1900 - current) stamps that are saved intact on the document are fairly difficult to find.   Here is a lodging receipt from 1948

Postage Meters

Postage meters are used in St. Vincent also, as some businesses need to use them to streamline the mailing of monthly invoices

Also available, but not illustrated here at this time:

  • SPECIMEN stamps (almost all St. Vincent stamps since the 1880's are available with SPECIMEN overprints; initially only a few hundred were printed to give to member nations of the Universal Postal Union [UPU].   In the 1970's to current, these were often given away to collectors that ordered stamps from the Philatelic Services Bureau on St. Vincent).
  • See for more information and a discussion about St. Vincent error stamps).
  • Proofs (Color separation and other proofs are available for some of the stamps from the 1980's).



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