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 I am currently compiling data for a possible book that will be about the St. Vincent Village Post Offices and postal history.  Any information regarding St. Vincent Village Post Offices (see list below) and postmarks will be appreciated!  I am particularly searching for the following information:
  • Any information regarding the Machine Cancellation device used in Kingstown (from approx. the 1930's until 1990?).
  • Postmarks, circular date cancellers and other devices used or currently in use.
  • Names of current and past postmasters & postmistresses of each village post office.
  • A picture of each village post office (I have some from the 1960's, but really need more current ones).
  • Opening and closing dates (where applicable) for each village post office.
  • Amount of incoming and outgoing mail volume from each village post office (by month, year, type such as regular vs. registered mail, etc).  Some of this information may be available at the government archives.

If published, all information provided will be acknowledged (unless previously obtained from other sources).

St. Vincent Postage Rates (as of May 2007):  Postage Rates (PDF File)

St. Vincent Village Post Offices (main island):

Arnos Vale

Barrouallie [BAR]


Biabou [BI]

Bridgetown (closed)

Buccament [BU] (closed)

Byera (Byera Hill?)


Calliaqua [CA]

Campden Park

Chateaubelair [CH]

Clare Valley

Colonarie [CO]

Cumberland [CUM]

Diamond Village

Edinboro (closed as of Dec. 31, 2006)




Georgetown [G]




Layou [L]

Lodge (Lodge Village)

Lowmans Hill

Lowmans Windward

Mt. Grennan

Mesopotamia [MES]

New Adelphi (closed)

New Grounds

O'Briens Valley

Orange Hill / Overland


Park Hill


Peruvian Vale

Petit Bordel



Rabacca [RAB] (closed)

Richland Park

Rilland Hill (officially Rillan Hill)

Rose Bank

Rose Hall

Sandy Bay

Sion Hill

South Rivers

Spring Village

Stubbs (ST)


Union (Estate) [UE] (closed)




St. Vincent Village Post Offices on the Grenadines Islands:

Paget Farm, Bequia Island

Port Elizabeth, Bequia Island [BEQ]

Canouan Island

Mayreau Island

Mustique Island

Ashton, Union Island

Clifton, Union Island


NOTE: Many of the above post offices were closed on October 31, 2009.  I will update the list above shortly.


NOTE: The abbreviations in [brackets] after the village name were used on postmarks by the original village post offices that were opened in 1872 (note: Kingstown used the abbreviation [K] in 1872).


Note about "Prune Island" (now known as Palm Island):  On July 20, 1978, a set of "Turtle" stamps was issued for the Grenadines of St. Vincent.  The First Day Covers for this issue had a "Prune Island" postmark.   I have been informed that this postmark was created solely for the First Day Covers by the Philatelic Services and that there has NEVER been an actual post office (even a temporary one) on Prune (Palm) Island.   Palm Island is a private resort and the nearest post office is on Union Island a couple of miles away.


I get a fair number of e-mails asking if I can provide St. Vincent stamp issues.  Please let me state that I am a COLLECTOR, not a stamp dealer, nor am I affiliated with the St. Vincent Postal Corporation or the St. Vincent Philatelic Services in any way.  If you have an interest in obtaining new or fairly recent stamp issues from St. Vincent & The Grenadines, I suggest that you write to the following address for a list of stamps that are available:

Bureau Manager, St. Vincent Philatelic Services Ltd., PO Box 2348, General Post Office, Kingstown, St. Vincent, WEST INDIES

Unfortunately this site is limited in the amount of information and illustrations that I can display.

If you have any questions regarding St. Vincent stamps or philatelic items, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at "info @ stvincentstamps . com" (remove the spaces, but please, only if related to St. Vincent stamps & related items; I am a collector, not a stamp dealer).

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