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St. Vincent Stamps for Sale

I have the following items from St. Vincent:

--> coming soon!   If you need St. Vincent stamps from 1862 to 1952, please contact me.

Notes on items available below:

  • Catalog numbers referenced are from the Scott Standard Stamp Catalogs, Volume 5. 
  • Prices are based on condition and other factors such as supply & demand...  
  • Unless mentioned otherwise, the scans are representative of the stamp(s) that you will receive (but not necessarily the exact stamp pictured as I usually have many copies of most stamps).
  • Mint stamps may have been hinged unless otherwise specified
  • Used stamps will have a postmark (I will try to choose the most lightly cancelled example that I have)

(It will take me a while to scan and upload this information.  If you are looking for a particular St. Vincent stamp or set from prior to 1980, please let me know.  I do not keep up with St. Vincent stamps issued after 1980, so please don't ask).

Prices include postage worldwide.  Items are shipped uninsured (meaning at your own risk).  Insurance ($2.25) or registration fees ($11.25) are additional if you require them.

Simply click on the "buy" icon for the various stamps that you wish to purchase. 

Not illustrated, but also available are:

#245-246, Royal Visit to the Caribbean 1966, set of 2, mint

#252-255, Methodist Church 1967, set of 4, mint

#256-258, World Meteorological Day 1968, set of 3, mint

1969 Carifta 1st Anniversary, set of 4, mint

#282, 3c Bird issue, St. Vincent Parrot, used

#283, 4c Bird issue, Soufriere Bird, used

#284, 5c Bird issue, Ramier, used

#285, 6c Bird issue, Bananaquits, used

#286, 8c Bird issue, Humming Bird, used

#287, 10c Bird issue, Mangrove Cuckoo, used

#288, 12c Bird issue, Black Hawk, used

#303, 1/2c, St. George's Cathedral, mint

#330, 12c Uniforms issue, used

#335, 12c Plumrose Roseapple, used

#334-345, Royal Couple 25th Wedding Anniversary, set of 2, mint

#345, 12c Columbus, Triangle stamp!, used

#356, 12c Planned Parenthood, used

#358-359, Wedding of Princess Anne, set of 2, mint

#371, 15c, Ship issue, Istra, used

#390, 35c Churchill, used

#416, 15c Fish issue, Cowfish, used

#419, 35c Fish issue, Red Hind, used

#487, 5c Kings & Queens issue, used

#495-498,  Diocese of the Windward Islands issue, set of 4, mint

#559, 25c Maps & Postmark issue, used

#561, 50c Maps & Postmarks issue, used

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